Become a princess...

To participate in the Miss Rogue Valley Princess Program a young lady must (1) be 5-12 years old, (2) complete an application, and (3) princesses and parents must sign a princess conduct contract.


What is the deadline for applications? The deadline for the Princess Program is 1/12/19, but applications are accepted on a first come first served basis. APPLY TODAY!

What kind of time commitment is this?
For princesses, very little. There will be a mandatory Princess Party Kick Off event, and 5 mandatory 30 minutes princess practices, so that the princesses can learn their production numbers. They will have a 30 minute mandatory tech rehearsal and then need to be there for the pageant itself, usually 6-9 pm.

2019 Schedule:

(A parent/guardian must always attend with the princess)

1/13 Mandatory Princess Party Kick Off 11:00 am – 1:00 p.m.

1/19 Optional Service/Fundraising Event (Details TBD)

1/20 Mandatory Princess Practice 1:15-1:45

1/26 Optional Service/Fundraising Event (Details TBD)

1/27 Mandatory Princess Practice 1:15-1:45

2/3 Mandatory Princess Rehearsal 1:15-1:45

2/10 Mandatory Princess Rehearsal 1:15-1:45 

2/15 Mandatory Princess Dress Rehearsal 6:30-7:00 (subject to change)

2/16 Miss Rogue Valley Pageant 2019 – Attend the pageant 6:00-9:00 p.m.

Is this like "Toddlers & Tiaras?"  No! This is a great opportunity for young girls in the Rogue Valley to be mentored by young women in the Rogue Valley. We focus on building self-esteem, community service habits, friendships, and mostly we focus on just having a great time. Of course they love to "get fancy" on the big night, but we are committed to age-appropriate fanciness!

Is this a competition?  Again, no. While Miss (18-25) and Teen (13-17) contestants compete and are judged, princess do not compete. Princesses are here to have fun and be built up. During the pageant princesses "dance" in a production number and walk with their "big girl" in their formal dress. Outside of those two productions, princesses get to watch the show, and dream of the day when they two will have the chance to be a Miss America hopeful.
At the end of the pageant, two lucky winners will be drawn at random from the crystal bowl

Is it expensive?   For all of our contestants, "big girls" and "princesses" we strive to teach that this is not something that should be expensive. We are about scholarships and service, not thousand-dollar ball gowns. With that said, it is up to each family to decide what they will spend on this experience. Princesses usually incur the following costs:
  -$50 application fee

  -Princess Party Guests: Each princess receives one ticket to the princess party, additional guests are 

   welcome at $10 ea. (limited tickets available)
  -Pageant Wardrobe: Production outfit (usually t-shirt and jeans), formal/fancy dress
  (your choice)
  -Tickets to the pageant for family/friends. We have one of the least expensive shows
  in the state, because it is extremely important to us that loved ones come to the
  show. Tickets are typically $15 general admission.
  -​IF your princess is selected at random as our new Miss Rogue Valley's Princess, you
  are required to make travel arrangements to attend the Miss Oregon Pageant in
  Seaside, Oregon in June - where she will spend an amazing week getting treated like
​ royalty! The costs associated with participating in the state pageant are the responsibility of the
  princess and her family.

What if my daughter isn't ready for Miss Oregon or we can't afford to go?  Great question! All families have the option to put their daughter's name in the bowl or to keep her name out of the drawing. We usually have about 50% in and 50% out, which is totally okay! Just starting with the Miss Rogue Valley Pageant is plenty for some, and other can't wait for that next step. We can help you decide what is best for you!​

​ Other questions? Don't hesitate to call or email. ​ or 541-821-2805


Every Miss America was once a little girl . . . 

                   and she dreamed of being a princess !

Do you want your young lady to be our next Miss Rogue Valley Princess?

Young ladies 5-12 are eligible to participate!

Space is limited! Call or Email today for an official application.