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Miss Rogue Valley Executive Board

Frequently Asked Questions:

To participate in the Miss Rouge Valley Princess Program a young lady must (1) meet all eligibility requirements - see Join MRV (2) complete an application, (3) sign a Miss Rogue Valley contract, and (4) attend all meetings and events - see 2019 schedule below.


What is the deadline for applications? The deadline for Miss and Teen applications is December 29, 2018, but we do select a limited number of participants and encourage you to submit your application as soon as you are ready. We must receive your completed application by mail with your application fee and a photo for our reference (does not need to be professional).You can download an application here.

What kind of time commitment is this?
Our program runs December 30 through February 16, with meetings every Sunday afternoon 1:00-4:00 p.m. We understand that young women today are incredibly busy, and we try to be flexible when "life happens," however participating in the Miss Rogue Valley Scholarship Program is a significant commitment. There is no hard and fast rule on how many meetings must be attended, however if you miss more than a couple we may approach you about whether or not this program is a good fit for you this year. In addition to weekly meetings, you will be asked to participate in special events and community service projects. It is a lot of work, but it is also a ton of fun!

2019 Schedule:

12/29 Applications for Miss & Teen Due

12/29 (or sooner) Invitations to Participate Sent Out

12/30 MANDATORY Orientation for Contestants & Parents 1:00-4:00

1/6 Contestant Meeting 1:00-4:00​ (Talent Music Due if applicable)

1/13 Princess Party 11:00-1:00 & Contestant Meeting 1:00-4:00​

1/19 MRV Fundraiser & Service Event (TBD)

1/20 Contestant Meeting 1:00-4:00​

1/26 MRV Fundraiser & Service Event (TBD)

1/27 Contestant Meeting 1:00-4:00​

2/3 Contestant Meeting 1:00-4:00

2/10 Contestant Meeting 1:00-4:00

2/15 Mandatory Dress Rehearsal 6:30-10:00 (NMHS)

2/16 Miss Rogue Valley Pageant 2018 - All Day Commitment

What if I've never done a pageant before? That is 100% okay! Usually we have one or two "returners," but most of our contestants each year are "newbies." You have an equal chance of winning, and a great opportunity to grow and learn. We meet weekly so that you will feel confident and ready by the time pageant day rolls around.

Is this a competition? Yes (and no). Please see the
Join MRVpage for details about the individual phases of competition. Yes, ultimately one young lady will be named the winner for each division (Miss, Teen, and Princess), however our program is about so much more than that. Every year we are honored to hear from all of our contestants that this was an amazing experience, that they made great friends, learned a lot about themselves, and had an amazing time. We will get you ready for the "competition," but you will leave our program armed with skills to take on life with grace and enthusiasm. It's fun (even if you don't win)!

Is it expensive?  We strive to teach that this is not something that should be expensive. We are about scholarships and service, not thousand-dollar ball gowns. With that said, it is up to each contestant to decide what she will spend on this experience. We even have a MRV Closet that you can borrow from in order to keep costs to a minimum! The following outline some costs you may incur:
  -$50 application fee (covers the cost of paperwork/contestant manual and athletic top)
  -Pageant Wardrobe: Production outfit (usually black cocktail dress), active wear, evening
  gown, interview attire, talent competition costume (all items available to borrow from MRV closet).
  -Tickets to the pageant for family/friends. We have one of the least expensive shows
  in the state, because it is extremely important to us that loved ones come to the
  show. Tickets historically have been $15 - general admission.
  -​IF you are selected as our new Miss Rogue Valley/MRVOT, you are required to make travel
​ arrangements to attend the Miss Oregon Pageant in Seaside, Oregon in June - this can be a
  significant expense - but almost all of our titleholders have been able to fundraise to cover these

What is a Social Impact Initiative?Great question! A social impact initiative is a community cause that you want to promote during your time as a contestant/titleholder. Some common examples include: SMART reading, Oregon & Tissue Donation, The American Red Cross, Cancer Awareness, Mentoring Youth, Veteran's Needs, Oregon Food Bank, Caring for the Elderly, Music Education, Sparrow Club, etc. It's great if you are already involved with your SII, but it's also okay if Miss Rogue Valley is what helps inspire you to get involved and you are just getting started. Developing and working with your SII is something we help you with!

What if my talent is "non-traditional" ? Miss America (and Miss Rogue Valley) is famous for talents like singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments, BUT we have also had winners with talents like roller skating, baton twirling, acting, poetry, fashion design, and athletics. The important thing is that you are passionate and dedicated to putting on a high-caliber performance! Feel free to visit our
Talent page for more information.

​ Other questions? Don't hesitate to call or email.

Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions about:

Becoming a contestant / Need an application

Sponsoring a scholarship or gift

Having our titleholders or contestants appear at an event

Becoming involved as a volunteer

Or anything else... We are here to help!

Aspen     or   541-821-2805

Shannon or   541-941-1829

Lindsay   or   541-778-4381